Travel Tots

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to Our Children

Adventures in Geography

Adventures in Geography is a monthly adventure in learning that takes children on a journey around the world! Music, games, stories, flannel board activities, puzzles and crafts combine to teach the children in your care about different places around the world.

Help children experience the wonders of the world with Adventures in Geography.

Adventures in Science

Experiments, learning and lots of fun abound during a Travel Tots Adventures in Science Class.

This interactive program introduces children to the wonders of science. Combining science facts with hands-on experiments, children will learn about the many ways our world works.

From dinosaurs and polar ice caps to magnets and electricity, children will experience the joys of science.

Adventures in Motion

The world lessons continue with Travel Tots Adventures in Motion; a large muscle program. Children have fun playing games, relay races, parachute play and many combinations of large muscle activities. Travel Tots Adventures in Motion helps children develop a life-long love of physical activity.

Introduce children to the joys of movement and life around the world.

Adventures in Story & Song

Legendary stories and folktales engage children while introducing them to the rich cultures and traditions of other people. Dress up and interactive play, along with multicultural songs, teach children about people from around the world.

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Adventures in Story & Song.