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We bring our program to you in a fun way!

You will have exclusive access to a private Facebook group which includes a lesson plan on a different country each month and added content throughout the month. 

Also included:

Welcome video, videos on each country’s culture

  • Links to on-line stories, songs & various activities
  • Daily messages for learning opportunities &activities
  • Mini Passport & country flag sticker
  • Weekly Project pages for each child 
  • All of this for a $50 monthly fee (up to 10 children)
  • No contract to sign, decide month to month
  • Check it out!

Click on the video below to see a sample of a welcome video. 

I also do a video on the culture of each country (i.e. food, clothing, artifacts, etc..). The children will also learn about what's on a map of our world!

We look forward to Bringing the Wonders of the World to your Children!


Click the link below to enroll now!




All about me: I am married & have an adult daughter, and an adult son & daughter-in-law. I love to cook, listen to audio books & spend time with my family. I am the owner & operator of Travel Tots.

My favorite childhood memory: I loved building tents using the clothes line with my brothers, sisters and friends. Riding on a train that had our own room with bunk beds. Lots of road trips in the car to most states west of Minnesota; and especially getting to see the ocean!

I began my journey in early childhood educationI started a backup daycare business in 2002. I love teaching kids and seeing their reactions when they remember something they’ve learned. I have been very blessed to own, operate and grow Travel tots since 2005.

My favorite children’s books: “Jessie Bear, What Will You Wear”, “The Foot Book” & “Good Night Moon”.


Mini Adventures by Travel Tots

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